Deep Rock


feel comfort knowing what
you’re feeding your family.


Carefully selecting from our homegrown herd to produce the highest grading, great tasting beef.

At Deep Rock Cattle Company, we have refined our breeding process to produce the highest quality beef. With our award-winning genetics coupled with the stress-free environment, our cows are bred at the highest standard to ensure top grading beef.


Grass-fed grain-finished quality control for each steer.

We raise our cattle on Texas grass, and our homegrown herds have continued to produce high grading, great tasting beef. Once we enter the finishing stage, our cattle are supplemented with a grain ration to their diet. Our grain-finished process is what makes our beef well rounded with superior marbling. The grains we use ensure our beef is tender and juicy. Our belief in our feed is part of the continued success for more than two decades.


Good herdsmanship means better cattle and better beef.

It is important to us to be good stewards of the land. Our cattle are raised on improved coastal pastures, native grasslands and wheat crops, which have allowed us to raise quality cattle. At Deep Rock Cattle Company, our cattle are raised hormone-free. We raise our cattle in their natural environment and gently handle each animal with minimal stress which makes for better tasting beef.


We hand-deliver our beef for each customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Some things in life need personal reassurance. It's more than our hand-delivery; it is about making the connection on a face-to-face level. We want you to know that our beef is guaranteed for great flavor, and we are only a call away from helping you feed your family.


Grain-finished marbling gives each cut of beef exceptional and consistent flavor.

Throughout our years of raising cattle, we hold true to the fact that our beef is held at a higher standard than what you buy at a supermarket. We have always enjoyed how our beef tastes and have shared it with friends and family, and now we would like to share it with you. At Deep Rock Cattle Company, we hope to take the confusion out of buying quality meat for a consistent taste of excellence every time.